Accessibility and Weebly

Two items that make a site easier to use for people with various needs is

  • A “Skip to the main content” link (good for people using screen readers like JAWS and ZoomText)
  • Tab sequences on forms and chunks of text (good for use with screen readers and for people with mobility difficulties such as arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, or quadriplegia)

Unfortunately, we have to report that Weebly doesn’t offer either option. In fact, this is what the Support staff say about tabs on forms:

Currently the contact form [lets you]…tab up to down, left to right, there is not a way to change that at this time but we do appreciate feedback like this….

It is possible to add the “Skip to main content” link and tab sequences to a page if you’re comfortable going into the HTML. But the point of using Weebly is that you don’t have to get into the code.

Wix doesn’t seem to be any better, but Squarespace has a help topic on accessibility that includes information on structuring text to make it easier for screen readers to move through the sections on a page; ALT text for pictures; and transcripts for audio and captions for video.