Can You Explain What “Storenvy” Is and How it Works?

This must have been our night for storefronts. The final question came from one of the attendees who already has an eBay presence and is now looking for ways to expand.

Storenvy is, at first glance, just another application that lets you build a stand-alone online store to sell your stuff. It includes all the major shipping companies, payment options, blah blah blah.

However, unlike Etsy and Shopify and the others, Storenvy links together thousands of stores (from tiny little one-person shops to major retailers) and creates a virtual shopping mall on the Internet. Probably most important, you can set up a Storenvy presence on Facebook and your products and services will reach that many more eyeballs. And it’s free, for the most part. Some premium options come with a fee.