How Nonprofits Use Social Media to Engage with their Communities

An interesting study by the Case Foundation shows how nonprofits are using email and social websites to reach potential donors. Surprisingly, regular websites (with email links) are the most important communication tools, even though 97% of all nonprofits also maintain a Facebook page. Closer investigation indicates that this is because the point of the communication for many nonprofits is getting people to donate, which is easier to facilitate via email or a “Donate” button on the website. social-media-tool

Most nonprofits use social media networks as a “megaphone” to announce activities and events and share information, but not so much for soliciting donations. The majority of nonprofits believe that there is no way to benchmark the average engagement rate with social media.

Here are some tips from the nonprofit world on engaging your community more effectively:

  1. Share posts that are in the form of a question to generate likes, comments, and shares.
  2. Make sure your nonprofit’s website and newsletter are mobile-friendly.
  3. Use lots of infographics, photos, and videos, especially of your donors and your community. Check out for more information.
  4. Use an editorial calendar to stay on top of who in your office posts what and when. A diverse team generates different voices and styles and keeps posts interesting.

For more information please visit Nonprofit Quarterly.